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The Grand Wine Train Tour

A New Adventure Each Day      

The Grand Wine Train Tour

The Spirit of the Grape

 -2 to 9 Days - YOU Choose Your Favorites -

plus - Choose Your Wine Train Tour  Combination

Available from March until October

- Delicious Meals - Local Restaurants - Up to 9 Wineries -

       YES, This is the one time in Your Life when you can't decide on which Wine Train Tour to enjoy ?  You can Have it ALL.  You can combine them ALL - or as many as you'd like ... Expand your Wine Horizons. Enjoy 2 or 3 days OR up to 9 days of Wine Train Tours on our Wonderful Wine Experience. YOU choose which Wine Train Tours. Connect them all with a Hotel overnight, relaxing dinner - more dinner - and MORE wine. Guest Lecturers, Historians,  ALL sharing their knowledge and experiences with You and Your friends.

          Taste many regional wines, enjoy the fun and adventure as you explore the vineyards of New England and nearby New York State. You and Your friends will have the opportunity to sample wines from many regions as you travel .... and take notes. Trains, Cruises, Wineries, Regional Dining !  The best part is that you can compare notes with your group on your favorite part of the trip as you travel, and when you are finished, we will ask you to rate the wines. Let us know which wines you like BEST!

     As we said - This is the one time in your life when You CAN have it ALL. You can even enjoy One 2-Day Wine Train Tour in the Spring, One 2-Day Wine Train Tour in the Summer - THEN, choose your favorites for the Fall Grape Harvest Season = OR spread the Wine Train Tours over a year or two. Trains, Cruises, Wineries, Hearty American Dining!         The best part is you can compare notes with your friends. ALL FUN and really interesting PLUS combined with Cruises, Train Rides, and Excellent Commentary. YOU will have some of the most FUN tours - EVER.   

- Local Attractions -  Hearty Reataurant Meals - History -

- 1 to 2 Wineries Per Day - 


- Included on Your Grand Wine Train Tour -

  • First Class Luxury Motorcoach
  • Fully Escorted with Historic Narration
  • Hotel Each Night                                                    - 1 to 7 Nights
  • 2 Meals Daily                                                         - Hearty and Healthy
  • Breakfast, Luncheon or Dinner
  • 1 to 2 Wineries per Day
  • Local Attraction (*Varies with Tour Selection)     - 1 to 2 Each Day
  • One Train Ride - Each Day
  • Guided Tours
  • Cruises or Ferry Rides*                                      *​Depends on Tour Selection













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=   Per Person

=   Per Motorcoach

=   PP / Double Occupancy

=   Choice of

=   Additional Cost

=   Certain Aspects of Tour

=   Available Seasonally

=   Entertainment Value

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=   Entertainment Quiotent

Prices Based on 40 Paid

Prices vary with Distance Traveled, Seasonally,    and with Options that You may Choose


We do All the Work.

You have All the FUN.

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Peter Wing's Castle

One of Our Wine Trains

Brotherhood Winery

 TT    Specifically for TT Industry

Your Motorcoach  or  Our Motorcoach ?      1 - Day & Overnight Tours

NOTEWe offer Group Tours ONLY -  ALL prices INCLUDE a motorcoach PER EACH ITINERARY.                       The Train Ride experience is Part of Your Tour - Not used just for transportation

1.  If you prefer to use Your favorite Coach Company for the entire tour, please let us know the COACH COMPANY NAME and you can book and pay them directly and we will give you a Credit of $1,000 per day from your total amount due.  

2.  For many Train Tours, the Motorcoach will pick You up at YOUR Departure Point and take You to Your chosen Departure Train Station, and at the end of your tour return You home by motorcoach - to Your Departure Point.   Please read each itinerary carefully 

3.  If you need a separate coach to transport your group to your chosen departure train station - you can book this coach on your own OR we will provide a coach for the transfer - at an additional cost -



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